Ultrasonic welding

Spelsberg is an expert in the ultrasonic technologies sector and provides you with the option of integrating individual fastening points in any enclosure. Therefore, if you do not find a suitable dome position for your electronic system in the Spelsberg enclosures, new fastening points can be set using ultrasonic welding.

The main benefits of ultrasonic welding are that it is carried out without glues, connection elements and solvents, which makes it very environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

About ultrasonic welding

In cycled ultrasonic welding, one or several thermoplastic materials are connected to each other by internal friction in the joint zone.

Ultrasonic welding is used wherever thermoplastics are used and there are high requirements on the joint technology. Compared to other welding procedures, ultrasonic welding is particularly suitable wherever fast process times with high stability are required or if no additives or solvents are to be used. Furthermore, ultrasonic welding is high quality, extremely stable and provides weld seams that can be reproduced exactly.

Individual fastening points

Ultrasonic welding allows individual fastening points.

Individual dome position

Your electronics is securely attached just as you need it.

Individually placed fastening pins

Using the ultrasonic welding process, Spelsberg can place additional pins in the interior of the housing according to customer requirements.

Spelsberg fastens domes individually

The Spelsberg enclosures already have numerous fastening pins that enable assembly plates, standard rails and circuit boards to be fastened quickly. In addition to the domes that are already moulded on and that are located in the typical positions, the new feature is to be able to attach additional pins at individual points on the enclosure, also retroactively. This increases flexibility with regard to fastening attachments.

Thanks to the welding procedure, these additional pins are permanently connected to the enclosure and very stable according to Spelsberg specifications. Spelsberg uses an ultrasonic welding procedure for this, which reliably connects thermoplastics such as acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), polystyrene (PS) and polycarbonate (PC). Thanks to the ultrasonic welding procedure, weld seams that can be reproduced exactly are achieved, which allows the highest quality requirements to be met.