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Living in a material world...How to decide which material type is best suited to the enclosures for your application.
02.06.2017 - Press

A quick online search for electrical enclosures shows just how many options and variations there are on today’s market;there is a myriad of apparent choices for material and each seems to offer unique benefits and features.It can be hard to pin down the enclosure type that is best for your application, both in terms of performance and cost,so what are the key considerations...

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Ensuring effective protection against electrical surges
29.05.2017 - News

If your regime for protection against electrical surges starts and ends with fitting a lightning conductor to the top of your building, then not only are you unlikely to be fully protected against all lightning induced surges, but probably thousands of pounds’ worth of equipment is aging prematurely as well. Chris Lloyd, Managing Director of Spelsberg UK, looks at the causes...

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Ambic specifies Spelsberg custom enclosures for dairy farming hygiene applications
17.05.2017 - Press

Ambic Equipment Ltd., a leading manufacturer of dairy hygiene and livestock health management products, is using customised enclosures from Spelsberg UK to house its latest dosing and dilutions system, the EasiDoser™. The enclosures, which are certified for installation in ammonia rich agricultural applications, have been provided with CNC machined entry points and custom...

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Tough enclosures bring safety and endurance to road tanker operations
18.04.2017 - Press

Fuel delivery tankers have a hard existence, yet must perform faultlessly throughout their long working life if they are to guarantee safety and efficiency. Leeds-based MechTronic has been the industry innovator for fuel delivery systems for a decade or more and relies on electrical enclosures from Spelsberg UK for its electrical and pneumatic control units.

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Smart enclosure choice for smart buildings
28.03.2017 - Press

Today’s smart buildings use sophisticated control systems to continually optimise heating, lighting, security and other services to the needs of the moment. But with regularly changing usage patterns, the systems themselves have to be ultra flexible, as Clare McCusker, Area Sales Manager for Spelsberg UK explains.

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