Special colours

Customized enclosure colours

For safe identification of power circuits, for colour adaptation to the respective installation background, for representation of corporate colours in support of the corporate identity or simply for a certain contrasting effect for differentiation from other enclosures.

The various applications of our customers often also necessitate custom colours for the respective enclosures. In this connection, the colour can be adapted to customer requirements, whether it involves a special item or a standard catalogue item.

If you would like a special enclosure colour, we have the possibility of mixing your colour into the injection moulding process or painting the desired colour on your standard enclosure from the catalogue.

We can realise a variety of different colours for your special colours. The following colours of the three largest models are possible:

  • RAL colours
  • HKS colours
  • Pantone colours

It must be noted that the desired colour can only be approached based on production reasons.
Depending on the enclosure size, special colours are possible starting with unit quantities of 500 - 2000.