Company history


Founded by Ernst Spelsberg & Walther Kaiser

As a pioneer in the industrial production of electrical installation material, Ernst Spelsberg and Walther Kaiser found the company Kaiser & Co in Schalksmühle at the beginning of the 20th century.

Initially they produce insulation pipe. Together with other companies in the region, the company founders establish the foundation for a strong electrical industry in Sauerland.


First expansion of the company

Soon after its founding, the young company begins to grow. Production is booming during the first expansion construction.


Kick-off for an important commercial line.

In 1926 the company presents its first wet room box and kicks off an important commercial line that is still important to this day. Unlike the plastics that are used today, the first wet room box was made of cast iron.
Two years later, Günther Spelsberg took over management of the company in its second generation. The company was renamed Kaiser & Spelsberg during this period.


First plastic junction box

The first plastic Bakelite opens up entirely new possibilities for the electrical installation industry. Kaiser & Spelsberg purchase a Bakelite hand press. It is used to produce the first plastic junction box.


The company specialises

The company specialises in junction boxes for wet room surface-mounted installation. In 1947 the Hannover export trade fair celebrates its première. One year later, Kaiser & Spelsberg presented itself at the most important industrial trade fair.


Separate ways and expanded product assortment

In 1956 Kaiser and Spelsberg parted ways. The company was renamed to the current name, Günther Spelsberg. The first expansion of the product assortment took place one year later. Spelsberg now also produces attachment bushes, thermoplastic junction boxes and wet room surface-mounted distributors.


Enclosures for the industrial sector

Spelsberg begins to also offer its enclosures in the industrial sector. Since then, the company has increasingly expanded its offering of versatile enclosure systems. Over the course of time, Spelsberg files for numerous patents. Many of these patents continue to write the success story: This includes the “Red Series” connection boxes.


Continuous growth

The company expands continuously. In 1974 a new production hall with an area of around 3500 square metres of additional storage and production space is built on Jahnstraße.


Expanded product assortment – numerous patents

The Spelsberg product range expands continuously. The company applies for numerous patents related to junction boxes and enclosures. Double membrane bushings, tension relief elements and automatic device enclosures are just a few of the innovations that assure improved assembly.
Another pioneering moment: Development of one of the first module junction boxes for photovoltaics opens a new business sector for Spelsberg.


New locations

Two new locations are added in the 1990s. Spelsberg moves from Jahnstraße to a new facility in the Ramsloh industrial area. After the German re-unification, the company also invests in a production facility in Buttstädt, Thüringen.


100 years of Spelsberg

At the start of the new millennium Spelsberg presents its new WKE junction boxes to maintain electrical functionality in case of a fire. The technology of the housing as a special thermoset provides additional safety in fire-protected areas.
An additional emphasis is the construction of a testing and certification centre accredited by VDE and UL. Spelsberg now offers many of its proven products in industrial quality. This to the high-quality materials, they are especially waterproof, resistant to impact and UV-resistant.
In 2004 the company celebrates its 100th anniversary. Spelsberg has stood for tested quality in electrical installation for 100 years and remains a family-operated company with production in Germany to this day.


Spelsberg continues to grow

In 2011 Spelsberg continues to grow. A new administrative building is constructed in Schalksmühle . With the purchase of the neighbouring factory grounds in Buttstädt, capacity is also expanded there.
Since parting ways with Kaiser, Spelsberg has registered 80 patents Germany, Europe and around the world. Many of the brands and samples have developed into prove products within the sector. Names like Abox, Red Series, the small AK distributor and the GTi enclosure series are inseparable with the name Spelsberg.
In addition, special solutions for photovoltaics or concrete installation are distinguished by their special technologies. In 2015 the company celebrates its 111th year of existence and brings a new generation of AK small distributors to the market.