Spelsberg enclosures can also be engraved upon request. This permanent lettering can be used to label or mark important, safety-related data; for example, to permanently link the serial number to the product. The high contrast also stands up to mechanical influences. 

Spelsberg engraves your enclosure according to your specifications, quickly and at a reasonable price even for small quantities. 

What is engraving?

Engraving means cutting text or illustrations into plastic components, for example into enclosures, part front plates, plug-in front plates or profiles. 

The engraving is carried out on the surface of the plastic part using an etcher's needle or a miller. In this procedure, the rotating tool causes material to be removed, which differs optically from the background. This procedure enables all fonts and symbols. The width of the lines must not be more than 1 mm and the font size must be at least 3 mm for legibility.