IP protection testing

For electrical applications, the devices in the enclosure must operate safely in difficult environmental conditions for many years. 

The International Protection Codes define the degree of protection of the enclosure against contact, foreign objects and water.

The IP protection rating is verified in the in-house testing laboratory. Testing is conducted in accordance with DIN EN 60670-1, DIN EN 61439-1 and DIN EN 62208 (depending on the type).

With the testing in our in-house laboratory, we can already cut down on costs for your project during the development phase.

IP code explained

The first number of the IP code describes the protection of the enclosure against contact and penetration of solid foreign objects.

The second identifying number of the International Protection Code defines the protection against water.

The testing chambers of Spelsberg

Our testing chambers correspond to the current state of the art and conform to testing standards. The reproducibility of test results is assured with the automatic recording of testing parameters.