On request, we finalise your enclosure with all necessary accessory parts. Not only does this reduce your assembly work, it also eliminates the need to order and stock individual components.   

An assembled part is always checked before it leaves our factory. A visual inspection is always carried out and, depending on the application, electrical final tests in the form of measurements to ground, insulation measurements or protective conductor measurements and testing also take place. 

We ship the article once everything fits. That way, we can ensure that you receive the accustomed high Spelsberg quality for pre-assembled, partially wired or turnkey enclosures. 

We have a large selection of fastening elements available for customised mounting and configuration:  

  • Threaded bushings and pins
  • Spacers
  • Mounting plugs
  • Screws
  • and much more

Of course, you can also provide us with your components or keyboards for the assembly process. If necessary, we can assist you with the development of components, the selection of components and plan the appropriate installation for you. 

Typical tasks for finalisation include:

  • Assembly of enclosure accessories, e.g. cable screw couplings, standard rails, wall mounts, cover securing elements, wall lugs, hinges, support brackets. etc.
  • Adhesion of keyboard membranes, decorative films, type plates, display panels, etc.
  • Assembly according to customer wishes, e.g. wiring, connections, seals, contact strips, etc.
  • Combination of switching devices, e.g. circuit breakers, standard plug sockets, printed circuit board, switch isolators, overvoltage protection
  • Final testing