Agile methods – typical Spelsberg

Everyone is talking about agile methods. At Spelsberg it is practically old hat. This entails heavy incorporation of users in the development and continuous testing, correction and flexible development of products.

The customer and their individual wish are more important than any standard products. And the practical implementation is much more important than a page of documentation. Instead of discussing requirements specifications for months on end, work can begin immediately. Rather than an extensive lead time for the theoretical approach, quick results are achieved with practical testing and adjustments. 

Years of applying this approach have made us a valued advisor for customer-specific solutions.

Communication is everything at Spelsberg – our development teams go beyond traditional department boundaries. They are combined according to the task so that all of the necessary expertise can be gathered at a table for the collaborative fine-tuning of the development process. This includes traditional developers and staff from production who know how to implement their colleagues’ ideas efficiently. Industry experts know what matters in specific application cases and guide the development in the right direction from the start. And whenever the start signal comes and the work begins – formulation and drawing do not take place over several weeks for the presumably perfect solution to be carried through. Instead, an initial approach can also be changed or abandoned. This may seem unusual, but it is far more direct, quicker, and easier for everyone involved. 

The boundary conditions for these methods are perfect at Spelsberg: rapid prototyping and in-house testing laboratories assure that testing always takes place in-house and adjustments can be made until the perfect final product is developed. 

The customer is closely involved in all decisions – they help to set the appropriate course according to their wishes and requirements.