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Top quality for industry

What makes Spelsberg special

If you value tested safety and brand-name quality, you are in good hands with Spelsberg. We set great store by certified products. We produce over 100 million injection-moulded parts every year using high-quality raw materials – exclusively European prime material.

From these we prepare a total of 400 raw material types – 95 percent of them based on our own formulations. We also identify products of especially high robustness and durability with the iQ seal for industrial quality. This category includes products for installations in wet rooms and protected outdoor areas as well as on combustible surfaces or in locations that are subject to fire hazards. Boxes and enclosures used in such environments must all have one thing in common: durability and safety. Our industrial quality products are used in every field imaginable, from horticulture to harbours, from the chemical industry to amusement parks. In making them, we emphasize especially rugged products with a long service life.

More information

Spelsberg products are Made in Germany.
We produce exclusively in Germany at our plants in Schalksmühle and Buttstädt

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