Case studies from industry

Spelsberg enclosures protect sensitive water control systems

Water measuring technology in industrial applications requires high-quality components, because precise control of the widest-ranging parameters is indispensable. As a specialist for water measuring systems, Analytical Technology Inc. offers a comprehensive product range from 2-wire measuring transducers via analysis systems with PID regulators to portable test devices for determination of ozone, chlorine or fluoride percentages.

Like all technologies for process control, it is important that the analysis systems work without malfunctions or incorrect measurements. Otherwise, people can be put at risk and there is a risk of high costs due to system malfunctions and shut-downs. Sensitive electronics must be protected reliably with enclosures that are specially suited for these applications. For this reason, Analytical Technology Inc. consistently relies upon enclosures from Spelsberg.

Their robust design enables safe monitoring in all areas of application, such as waste water treatment, industrial cooling water or washing water for the food industry.

Chris McTear, Technical Manager of Analytical Technology Inc.: ‘It is important to many of our customers that they can always monitor the parameters for safe and hygienic operation of their application. They rely on the quality and reliability of our products.

Therefore, we only use components from manufacturers whom we trust. Spelsberg is a leading manufacturer of high-quality enclosures. We know that Spelsberg enclosures meet our high standards and enable easy installation.’

A wide range of Spelsberg products are used by Analytical Technology, including TK industrial enclosures, Abox junction boxes and AK small distributions boards.