Practical fire protection

Safe solution for Line 55

Fire protection in practice

Berlin underground line 55 traffics the route between the Brandenburg Gate and the Central Station. 365 days per year, round the clock The Berlin Traffic Authority (BVG) stipulates elevated safety requirements on electrical equipment in the tunnel systems. They must also guarantee the function of essential equipment in case of a fire.

Spelsberg fire protection distribution boards with integrated safety protect electrical conductor systems in this harsh environment. In the case of fire, they guarantee the function of lighting and the evacuation equipment for at least 30 minutes.

The junction boxes of the special type WKE 300 BVG and WKE 400 BVT in protection rating II and protection rating IP66 developed specifically for the Berlin Traffic Authority are made of an especially durable, halogen-free and self-extinguishing thermosetting plastic. A safe solution wherever fire protection, high impact strength and a reliable seal against dust and water are necessary.