Customizing Loesungen

Tailored precisely to size

Individual solutions in the enclosures sector are more in demand than ever before. Increasingly, "off the shelf" products do not meet customers' special requirement profiles. Spelsberg has the knowledge and the engineering to develop and produce tailor made enclosures.

With Spelsberg, the entire customising process from the idea to the certified serial model runs through the main Spelsberg factory in Schalksmühle and can be implemented in the shortest time. In the process, the individual steps mesh like gears in a motor. First, a three-dimensional CAD model is created based on customer-specific requirements. For this purpose, the developers from Spelsberg sit down with the client to discuss their project. This only takes place once all details have been worked out exactly from the initial development stage onwards, wherein a refined product is the end result.

In close cooperation between the various departments, Spelsberg develops individual solutions step by step to enable considerable cost savings for customers. With the use of modular tools, plastic enclosures can be quickly optimised to customer requirements.
Enclosures with drilled or milled openings, engravings or installations for customer-specific applications are possible with CAD and state-of-the-art 3D machining centres. The products are given individual logos or lettering with screen printing, tampon printing or laser printing. As an alternative to printing directly on the enclosure, Spelsberg offers joint development of design foils that can, for instance, be adhered to the cover for a precise fit.

The finished customer-specific solutions are tested and certified in the in-house laboratory. The VDE and UL-certified testing centre in the Schalksmühle factory has outstandingly equipped laboratories for a unique variety of testing procedures. The product characteristics must satisfy the strict requirements of the American testing organisation Underwriters Laboratories in the UL testing recognised worldwide. Spelsberg satisfies the growing demand for UL-certified enclosures for customers from the USA, Canada and Europe with the quality seal.

Customising: Your benefits at a glance

  • Customised new developments
  • Tailor-made products
  • Testing in an in-house VDE and UL-certified laboratory
  • Rapid and cost-effective implementation with modular tools
  • Print service: Design foils, foil keypads, laser printing, tampon and screen printing
  • CNC-controlled milling centres: Openings, threads, engravings
  • Machining service: Individual fastening points via ultrasonic welding, EMC coating, special colours
  • Assembly service: Equipping, wiring, testing
  • Individual accessories: Snap-fit closures, mast clamps, printed circuit boards

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Hard shell, strong core

Spelsberg enclosure used for motor starters from Siemens.
Customising case studies

We put new developments through their paces in our VDE and UL-certified testing laboratories.