Customizing Loesungen

Case studies

Tailored enclosure

Hard shell, strong core

Spelsberg produced the individually adapted enclosure TK 1818 for a motor starter solution from Siemens. The enclosure specialist from Sauerland provides a short-term and cost-effective, customised housing for the time-sensitive projects with a delivery period of 14 days.

“We found a partner in Spelsberg that brought impressive expertise and the necessary mechanical equipment, who, like us, also sets high standards in quality,” said Thomas Mielke, Solution Support Product Manager at Siemens AG in Leipzig and project manager for the creation of customer-specific solutions. “Collaboration with Spelsberg is very professional and smooth. They provide quality products exclusively and a service offering that is plain to see.”

In the implementation of the order, Spelsberg relied on a standard plastic empty enclosure from its extensive assortment. The TK 1818, made of durable, impact-resistant plastic was provided with a built-in element and precise openings. “Thanks to our machining centre and a reliable partner network, we can implement such changes affordable and quickly,” said Volker Leck, responsible product manager at Spelsberg. “In order to ensure flexibility for future applications of the motor starter, we chose a versatile enclosure available in our offering, an empty enclosure of the TK series.”

Spelsberg makes the British classroom more efficient

The enclosure from Spelsberg moves into the British classroom. English provider of wiring system, Metway, uses the products from Germany as an enclosure for its “Classroom Control Box”. The Box enables simple, efficient and cost-effective lighting control in classrooms.

The overall control unit for up to 15 luminaires is accommodated in a flat enclosure of the TK series from Spelsberg. Metway selected the flat version of the 254 mm-long and 180 mm-wide product, TK PS 2518 from a total of 13 polystyrene basic enclosures of the TK series.

The “Classroom Control Box” project is not the first collaboration between the two companies. A close, long-term partnership has connected Metway and Spelsberg. However, it was not the only reason that Spelsberg products were chosen. “We were convinced that Spelsberg could adapt the enclosure precisely to our specifications,” explained Rob Crookes of Metway.
The inside and outside of the housing are precisely adapted to the plug connections of Metway that are used in the box. The Spelsberg experts developed tailored “boxes” for light control according to Metway specifications. “Our modular injection moulding tools made it possible for us to quickly and affordably adapt our enclosure to Metway requirements. Our versatile TK series was particularly well-suited in this case,” explained Volker Leck from Spelsberg.

The result of the collaboration between Metway and Spelsberg is an optimised “Classroom Control Box”. They make the lighting of the classroom more efficient and the pre-assembled product also assures significantly reduced efforts in the installation and cable installation. Energy and cost savings of around 20 percent in relation to conventional classroom lighting are achieved with the lighting control unit.