Explanation of pictograms

Class of protection (IP code) acc.to DIN EN 60529 (VDE 0470-1)

Maximum number of distribution units

Electrical functional integrity acc.to DIN 4102-12 
“E” stands for functional integrity, “30-90” stands for the duration in minutes.

Insulation integrity according to VDE 0472-814, IEC 60331 

“FE” stands for the impact of flames or fire, “180” stands for the time in minutes

Operating duration acc. to DIN EN 12101-3 120 minutes function at 400 °C

Tested acc. to DIN 4102-2. Functional integrity F90 (according to E90) for protecting the electrical installations as per MLAR 2005. Can be individually equipped with type-tested operating materials.

Tested acc. to DIN 4102-2. Fire load insulation F90 (according to E90) for protecting the exit and escape routes as per MLAR 2005.

Fire-resistance class S 90 acc. to DIN 4102-9

Certificate of conformity. Conformity of the construction product with the technical regulations is documented by the "Ü label"

The German general building supervisory approval (AbZ) attests the usability of an object under approval in the sense of the building regulations. It is granted by the German Institute of Structural Engineering (DIBt), Berlin, for construction products and types of construction, where no harmonised European standards have yet been applied for them and which are also not regulated by German standards or regulations.

German general building inspection test certificate (AbP) is granted for unregulated construction products and construction methods whose use is not intended to meet the full safety criteria for structures. The granting is carried out by recognised testing bodies.

Nominal cross section The greatest permissible wire cross-section that can be connected acc. to DIN EN 60998 (VDE 0613) and DIN EN 60999 (VDE 0609)

Level of protection (IK code) to mechanical impact acc. to DIN EN 50102 (VDE 0470-100)

Protection class II operating materials with protective insulation to DIN VDE 0100-410

Maximum voltage DC (DC voltage) as per product standard (system voltage in the PV sector)

Nominal AC voltage (AC voltage). Highest permissible voltage on the junction as per product norm

Rated current (maximum current in continuous operation) as per product norm

Products for installation in cavity walls or furnishings acc. to DIN VDE 0606-1

Products for use in concrete construction acc. to DIN VDE 0606-1

Suitable for the installation of lamps in which dichroic reflector lamps (cool beam reflectors) can be used. Reduces the thermal load in the light bundle.

Suitable for use in concrete. Resistant to momentary temperatures of up to +90 °C during the setting process.

The VDE symbol stands for the tested safety of the product with regard to electrical, mechanical, thermal and other hazards

c UL us (Underwriters Laboratories) approved (US and Canadian approval)

UL EU new pan-european quality mark for europe-wide accepted certifications.

DLG FokusTest for special highlighting of innovations in machines and technical products - especially in agriculture and forestry.

AK Air ventilation elements for prevention of condensate water in preservation of high protection class IP65.

Vattenfall approval

Suitable for the installation of an electronic domestic supply meter

Halogen-free enclosure, without halogens such as fluorine, chlorine and bromine.