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Introduction to Enclosures

Enclosures 101: An introduction to electrical enclosure specification

Whether you're an electrical installer, design engineer or an OEM, the chances are that you deal with electrical enclosures on a day-to-day basis. While on the face of it the humble enclosure may seem to be one of the simplest components to specify, in reality the variety of choice available on the market may mean that the most obvious solution isn't always the best in terms of reliability and long term profitability.

Customisation of Enclosures

Spelsberg's in-house UK CNC capabilities mean that it is able to produce large volumes of highly customised enclosures for customers on very short lead times. OEMs and contractors that need specialised enclosures also have access to a fast prototype service and the facility to order ready modified enclosures in place of standard products. The onsite milling and drilling service offers customers the opportunity to specify exact custom machining requirements on any smooth walled enclosure within the Spelsberg range.

Ingress Protection Techniques

Understanding ingress protection techniques in electrical enclosures

One of the most critical factors in deciding which electrical enclosure or junction box should be used to protect your electrical systems and their connections is its IP rating. No matter where the housing will be located, you need to be sure that it will be able to withstand any hostilities its environment may throw at it. But how many people actually know how these IP ratings are achieved and, most importantly, the ways in which they can be compromised during installation.

Chris Lloyd, General Manager for Spelsberg UK, explains how different IP ratings can be reached and how to maximise your enclosure's integrity.